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Survey Test Page
This page is a test area for you to see how UserMood surveys appear on a website.
Our surveys work with any kind of HTML-based website, including Wordpress, ecommerce platforms and shopping carts, and custom applications in any language.
You install a survey by including a simple script at the bottom of your web page or template. Once it's installed, you can make changes to the questions and answers, and even change the formatting without touching your site again.
In addition to just capturing survey responses, UserMood also tracks the browser version, operating system and IP address of your visitor so you can get more information about the types of users visiting your site, and where they're from.
If you have logged in users or members, UserMood can also track them, so you can tie survey responses and feedback to actual customers. You can also followup with customers directly in UserMood to reply by email.
UserMood will also send you a daily summary of your users responses (you can opt out of this of course), so you don't have to login to check unless there's already feedback waiting for you.