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Learn what your users really want

Every day, potential customers are leaving your website forever, and you don't know why. Do they need a specific feature? Do they hate your design? Your pricing?

Ever want to read the minds of those users to find out why they didn't stay? Now you can (well, sort of.)

UserMood surveys users directly from your website by adding one line of code to your site footer.

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survey widget setup
  • Ask a question

    Create a UserMood survey in under a minute. Ask one question, or add a followup for more insights. Choose when and where to show the survey.

  • Install in one step

    Add a one-line snippet to your site footer, and it's ready. Works with any type of site, including Wordpress, Drupal, or your custom app.

  • Start getting answers

    Get customer feedback in real time. Track individual users and respond by email. Save to Excel for deeper analysis.

What they're saying...

  • A helpful tool for anyone who owns or manages a website. UserMood has created a compact, attractive survey format that works effectively without annoying the visitor. review
  • It’s [UserMood's] simplicity that makes it a great tool to use on any web application that you want to improve.

    WebGeekly - Startup of the Week
  • A really straightforward way to know how those who visit your site feel about the services that you are rendering.
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